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Leave us to take care of replacing your current roof by installing new materials or re-fixing the existing if possible. We cover a wide range of roof types helping you to achieve the finish that your property needs.


Keeping your roof in good condition will reduce the amount of problems you may incur if neglected. A quick repair could be the solution and we are more than happy to help with no job being too big or small.


Making your property look superb is easily achieved by installing modern uPVC rooftrim. With a variety of colours and styles to choose from you can create a package that will make your property the envy of your neighbors.


All over the world slate is recognized as one of the oldest, finest and naturally beautiful roofing materials on the market. Its durability means it has been forever popular over hundreds of years and is still commonly used because of these factors. A well maintained slate roof will last the lifetime of the building, however the fixings and under felt may need replacing over a period of time to maintain a secure and watertight barrier for your property. We can take care of this for you, removing the slate and re-fixing with the most advanced materials that are currently on offer.
New slate is still being quarried today so is available for new buildings that require a long lasting, traditional looking roofing material. Reclaimed slate is also available to match in with existing installation keeping the visual beauty of the roof intact.
Fire Cement slate is available as a replacement which are economical and environmentally friendly while still providing an equal effect of a quarried slate. These slates can also offer a solution to a shallow pitched roof down to 15 degrees in an array of finishes.



Hand made tiles offer a economical solution for a new roof installation. Using concrete and clay it is possible to produce a selection of different styles colors and fixing methods for a modern roof installation. Manufactures are constantly improving technology used to create the tiles which provide a long lasting product. The variation of styles from the manufacturers mean that you have a variation to choose from to suit every property owners taste. We can offer you a solution that suits your property, its surrounding and yourself. Used together with the recommended fixings and most technologically advanced breathable membranes, tiling can offer a ong term solution which will keep the weather out for years to come.


Lead Work

As well as one of the most recycled materials in the building trade making it a sustainable solution in its usage, lead will also last a vast amount of time compared to any substitutes that can be used from alternative materials. Lead will also age when installed correctly to be a beautiful stand out feature on your roof. Traditional lead work will finish a new or well maintained roof as a stand out feature which will last decades. We install lead in a various situations as flashing's, valleys, box gutters, bay windows just to outline a handful. We install our lead work in accordance with the Lead Sheet Association (LSA) best practice guide to ensure the best is achieved from this incredible material.
We are aware that despite the advantages of installing traditional lead that thieves will be attracted by the scrap value of a low level or accessible installation and therefore offer a lead substitution such as Ubiflex. This material was created as deterrent as it has no scrap value and reduces the chances of possible theft. While  it doesn't have the advantages of traditional lead it is great to have as a solution to these increasingly common problems.



Not only does your rooftrim give your house that finishing touch it is also another essential part of keeping your house leak, damp and rot free. Older properties were once installed with wood which over time if not properly maintained will rot and fail. We can install a new uPVC system that is maintenance free, durable and importantly looks great. These products are now available in many different colours, style and for all applications. Your rootrim can include fascia, soffit, guttering, downpipe, cladding and bargeboards. We only install the best quality products and are an official FreeFoam installer ensure you complete peace of mind after completion.
We can also install traditional wood replacement rooftrim and traditional wooden guttering.